Amazing campaign day today!

Started at 8AM with breakfast with the Democratic Men’s Club.

Then at 11AM I was at “Sparking the Good Fire” at the Burton St. Community Center, an artistic and inspiring gathering to empower community members to take on the challenges of climate change.

By 1PM I was at Pride—fantastic crowd, amazing vibe, great connections.

From 2:30 to about 5PM I was fortunate to be invited to a house party in North Asheville for substantive conversations about the most challenging issues facing Asheville. (Thank you so much to the generous hosts and guests!)

Then it was back to Pride for a couple more hours. I was so immersed in meeting and talking with people that I did a miserable job of documenting any of it. So here’s a crap picture of me at Pride at the end of a long, full, deeply rewarding day.

Half of Nina's Face at Pridea

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