Why are you running for office? This response has a 450 character limit.

  1. Asheville deserves a city government that is responsive, inclusive, transparent, and accountable. To tackle the big challenges—affordable housing, an economy overdependent on tourism, public safety, climate change—we need a City Council that takes the core values and practices of democracy seriously. I pledge to invite residents’ participation early in decision-making and do the public’s work in public. Your voice matters, because #thisisOurCity.

Below, please list up to four (4) pieces of relevant experience that you would like to share with voters. This can be professional, political, personal, your education, or whatever you think is relevant for voters to know! This will be presented as a bulleted list in the North Carolina Democrats Slate Card. Each experience has a maximum character limit of 100 characters.

  1. I’m proud to have earned the endorsement of the AFL-CIO’s Western NC Central Labor Council.
  1. I’ve served as chair of my precinct and been active in registration and GOTV work.
  1. I make my living as a communicator, in word and image. Integrity is the soul of communication.
  1. As a real estate broker, I’ve seen the evolution of Asheville’s affordable housing crisis up close.
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