Until today, my stance on hybrid meetings was fueled purely by principle: everyone should have the opportunity to participate in public meetings.

NOW it’s also personal. I’d intended to go to both the budget workshop & Council meeting today, but I’m sick. I don’t want to infect anyone, so I’m staying away.

Email about Councilmember Wisler’s attending Council Meeting remotely.If Councilmember Wisler can participate remotely, why can’t I?! This is not a technology problem. This is a policy choice by City Council. And the hypocrisy is blatant and stunning.

Would they rather I show up—masked—and risk spreading whatever crud I have (tested negative for Covid 4 days running)? Or, and I’m just spitballing here, perhaps they just would prefer to not hear from members of the public quite so much.

Is this inclusive, transparent democracy in action?

We need a true Open Meetings Policy.

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