Poll-greeting is a powerful way to help your candidate connect with voters. Your presence can ensure that a voter looks all the way to the end of the ballot to find the name Nina Tovish, and fills that bubble!

Nina Tovish on the Ballot

Until I did it myself, I was deeply skeptical about the claim that poll-greeting is fun, but it really is!! It’s exciting to talk with people and help them make a good choice. It’s a thrill to give people information and watch them change their minds.

PLEASE SIGN UP FOR A SHIFT (OR MORE!) HERE. There are 7 early voting locations in Asheville, and lots of possible dates and times. We’ll make sure you have the hand-outs you need, offer some talking points for your conversations with voters, and brief you on how to stay on the right side of the legal line when campaigning at a polling place.

Early Voting Info

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