A line of voters at EAVL Library

Impressive turnout at East Asheville Library on Monday. I had a few challenging conversations… that ended well! I was also at South Buncombe Library again. When the parking lot clogged up with parents picking up students, I headed to West Asheville Library to finish out the day. Many thanks to the stalwart Buncombe Dems who were helping inform voters, and to my friend and zealous poll-greeter Rob Heskitt who was at North Asheville Library!

I visited the Fellowship Community Center this morning, where things were quiet. Spent several hours at North Asheville Library, which was non-stop, cars coming and going and vying for nowhere enough parking spaces. And then it was on to West Asheville Library, which was also (as seen in this picture!) a lively scene.

The voters I’ve encountered so far during early voting have overwhelmingly been curious and cordial. Some come thoroughly informed and prepared, others are still asking questions and are eager to have conversations. I am grateful to each and every one of them for participating and keeping our democracy strong!

City Council meeting this evening was a rich mix of important decisions: Walton St. Pool & Park was approved for a historical landmark designation; Housing Bond money was moved to the Housing Trust Fund, the Close the Gap greenway master plan was approved. And I made a proposal for using Housing Trust Fund moneys to upgrade rental properties to Section 8 standards for landlords who would commit to accepting housing vouchers. (I’ll post the video when it’s available—probably tomorrow.) Altogether another a full and meaningful day!

A lively scene at WAVL Library

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