Preparing Plates at Haywood St. Congregation

My public day began with a meal at Haywood Street Congregation. This was one of the best experiences of my life in Asheville. I’m so grateful for the welcome from my friend Kathy (seen at work in the kitchen), server Patty, and my wonderful tablemates Clive, Keri, John, Glenn, Elie, and Frank. It was a true experience of community, and while this was my first visit I promise that it will certainly not be my last. Just writing about it now fills my heart up again. 

Guests for Lunch at Haywood St. Congregation

I spent the rest of my day at East AVL Library, Wesley Grant Center, the River Arts District Farmer’s Market, and the Fellowship Community Center. My thanks to everyone who stopped to speak to me, and everyone at other sites who was kind enough to speak *for* me. I’m truly grateful.

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