Wow, less than a week until May 17th, Primary Election Day! Yikes! It’s a flurry of activity and a to-do list the length of my arm.

People are starting to really pay attention to this election, and I expect both the last five days of early voting and Primary Day to be quite busy.

Here are some ways to help boost my campaign in this final week:

  • Sign up to be a poll-greeter on May 17th. I’ve created a form on Sign-Up Genius. You can find a precinct convenient to you and pick a 2-hour (or more!) time slot(s). I’m especially hoping we can greet voters before they go to work, during lunchtime, and after work. I’ll make sure that you have literature to give out and some handy talking points. Please sign up here:!
  • Canvass your neighbors on your own schedule. I’ll make sure you have literature to give out and an outline you can use to tell people about my platform. Use the Join Us! form  and we’ll get you ready to go!
  • Phone banking from the comfort of your home. If you’re willing to make phone calls, why not start with your friends who haven’t voted yet?! But if you’re also willing to talk with likely voters, I’ll supply you with a calling list and a script you can use if you like. Use the Join Us! form, and we’ll make that happen!
  • Get yard signs to precincts the night of May 16th. The challenge is collecting them from their spots all around the city and placing them in appropriate spots at the 30+ precinct polling places. Consider it an opportunity to get to know Asheville’s neighborhoods even better! Please Use the Join Us! form so we can coordinate this logistical challenge!
  • Donate. Yes, we can still put your gift to work—a last buy of sponsored posts on social media.

I’m so grateful for your interest in and support of my candidacy—and for whatever assistance you’re willing to give in this last push! 

Please share this with your friends!