Building Carbon-Negative Housing for a Sustainable Future

According to the presenter of this TED talk—Vishaan Chakrabarti—we currently have the technology we need to build carbon-negative housing reasonably affordably and at scale.

The keys is building 3-story multi-family dwellings with their own renewable, sustainable systems as well as walkable neighborhoods with resources and amenities, linked by robust public transportation.

I believe Asheville can do this.

Public Comment at the TDA Board Meeting

This morning I attended the Tourism Development Authority (TDA) Board Meeting. I wanted the Board members to be aware that Asheville residents and service workers are paying attention to their response to the need for affordable parking and improved public transportation.

The meeting was temporarily disrupted when the TDA’s internet went down—hence my remarks about the importance of reliable infrastructure at the very beginning. (I refer to infrastructure throughout because the TDA will often say that by law it can only fund infrastructure. I believe it’s important to broaden our understanding of what counts as infrastructure.)

A Plea for Prioritizing Transit

In my brief remarks at City Council, I congratulated them for having completed the budgeting process. This DOES NOT mean that I *approve* of everything in the budget.

The budget is subject to potential amendment throughout the fiscal year. It is, in fact, virtually inevitable that there will be amendments. I’m asking Council to prioritize the restoration and expansion of public transit services.