Bob & Nina at Faith Tabernacle

Election Day

For me, Election Day started at Shiloh Community Center (Precinct 8.2), continued at Murphey-Oakley (9.1)—where I was lucky enough to share a moment with Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, followed by a stint at West Asheville Library (16.2), a sojourn at T.C. Roberson (18.2), and then closing out the day at the polls at Bob’s and my home precinct at Faith Tabernacle (8.3).

Bob & I went to the Orange Peel to await results with the Buncombe Democratic Party. They were not what we or my wonderful supporters and friends hoped for.

Election Day Unofficial Results

Election Day Unofficial Results

I take some solace that of all the candidates, I improved my vote by the greatest percent between the primary and the general election. That’s because I worked hard, and also because of the heroic efforts of my wonderful team: Cheryl Orengo (Campaign Coordinator), Ron Gordon (Treasurer), and my fantastic squad of volunteers who poll-greeted during Early Voting and on Election Day: Rob Heskett, Sophie Min Mullinax, Kim Hughes, Sherry Vaughn, Ruby Warren, Lori Hedrick, Mike Wasmer, Micah Massey, Anne Craig, Alan Rosenthal, Beverly Clark, and Mary Standaert… and all the others who contributed time and treasure throughout the campaign. I will never forget your generosity and kindness.

No campaign is complete without either a victory or a concession speech. Bob was on hand to video mine at the Orange Peel.

And no summing up is complete without my deep and lasting gratitude to Bob Woolley, who stuck with me unfailingly, without complaint, through 7+ months of this effort. Without his love and support I could not have gone on this amazing journey. Thank you, my love.

The Final Miles

In case you wondering what it’s like running for office, two days out from Election Day? It’s like the last mile and a half of a marathon—except with more math. Or economics. Or something.
I’m so grateful for the opportunity to offer myself in service to our city. I’ve learned so much, met so many amazing people, found new resources and new resilience. It’s an astonishing experience, and one that I’ll look back on with humility and great thankfulness for the rest of my life.
"Drawn" self-portrait of Nina

Remote participation for thee, but not for me?

Until today, my stance on hybrid meetings was fueled purely by principle: everyone should have the opportunity to participate in public meetings.

NOW it’s also personal. I’d intended to go to both the budget workshop & Council meeting today, but I’m sick. I don’t want to infect anyone, so I’m staying away.

Email about Councilmember Wisler’s attending Council Meeting remotely.If Councilmember Wisler can participate remotely, why can’t I?! This is not a technology problem. This is a policy choice by City Council. And the hypocrisy is blatant and stunning.

Would they rather I show up—masked—and risk spreading whatever crud I have (tested negative for Covid 4 days running)? Or, and I’m just spitballing here, perhaps they just would prefer to not hear from members of the public quite so much.

Is this inclusive, transparent democracy in action?

We need a true Open Meetings Policy.